I will march from Paris to Berlin.


We are in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. An unprecedented 68.5 million people around the world have been forced from their homes. Among them are nearly 25.4 million refugees, over half of whom are under the age of 18. Many of these refugees fled to Europe, most notably in the summer of 2015. The crisis is far from over and personally, I am tired of being a passive observer. I am not a politician but I am a human being with a voice and legs.

That's why I will march from Paris to Berlin, making nearly 1.3 Million steps - each step representing around 50 refugees. I am not a professional runner so I am counting on your support to help me march this distance. We need to show the world that we care about one another, and that we do not tolerate hate and what better way to show this than to march in peace between two of Europe’s historical capitals?


Dr. Brian May and I co-wrote the “Empathy Pledge” which has already been signed by numerous people including Dame Judi Dench and Olympic Swimmer Yusra Mardini. I will get a van or car and plaster the pledge in German, English and French on it. If you meet me during the march then you can put your signature directly on the car. If you can‘t meet me then feel free to sign the pledge here on the website.

One of my goals with this march is to get the EU Governments and Canada to give a new home to around 1,000 children who are currently stuck in refugee camps on EU soil. Most notably in Camp Moria Greece, one of the worst refugee camps in the world. One of those children is Majid Sharifi. You can learn more about him, here.